The company MAPI-CAM SA "SKY SERVICES" is the result of the merger between the companies "SKY SERVICES" and "INSOLITE TRAVEL FLY" in 2017. Represented by its CEO Mr. Bertrand BEAUJOIN, the company "SKY SERVICES" operates aircraft under the public transport and other aerial work categories.

Holder of an Air Transport Certificate N° 5R-MO4 / 2019 issued by the Civil Aviation of Madagascar, Sky Services is notable by its achievements in terms of safety, quality of service and wide choice of aircraft.

Our basess

Three separate bases allow Sky Services to operate throughout the territory:



  3. NOSY BE

" Sky services, the only company able to transport you by air to the most remote sites. "


Sky services fleets consists of airplanes and helicopters dedicated to your entire satisfaction!

Our planes

Our helicopters

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With the objective of developing safe and reliable air transport, Sky Services has created a CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) department to help you monitor the airworthiness of your aircraft.

Whether you fly in private or commercial, this service

  • will be responsible for establishing maintenance programs for your aircraft,
  • Command or coordinate the necessary modification, repair or maintenance work.

We will perform the periodic technical review of your aircraft and will maintain the respective technical records in accordance with local regulations.